15 Tips To Stop Sweating

14 Practical Tips To Stop Sweating

I was 13 when the doctor told me that I am suffering from Hyperhidrosis. My armpits would sweat profusely and I wanted to stop sweating. I had to go through all kinds of embarrassments, shame, withdrawal, baggy clothing, body stench etc. For a woman, body stench is extremely embarrassing. I’ve tried Botox injections twice under the armpits. One armpit felt better and there was some reduction in the other. But after 6 months’ things were back to square one.

Miraculously, one lucky day, I chanced upon a remedy!! BICARBONATE SODA! Yes. It is the good old simple baking soda!!! Here is what you should do: Wet your armpits with a soft wetted cloth and simply pour little quantity of soda on your armpit area. Just leave it for 15 min, it is sufficient. You can dry the wetted cloth and put it for laundry. The soda is safe for your clothes. Ensure that you do not put the wetted cloth in the laundry with other colored clothing. Now you can simply wash your clothes, as usual. My confidence is back, my boyfriend as well as my co-colleagues are not aware about my health condition, because there is no smell! I make sure that I wear colorful and patterned clothing to cover the sweat! I have also put some soda in my shoes, to absorb the smell. I always use disposable inner soles and I change socks every day. You should drink a lot of fresh water every day. It helps the sweaty problem. My name is Marina. I am 42. I live in Virginia and I am happy I discovered Soda. I have shared all this so that it can help you too.

There are thousands of people like Marina who have taken it up upon themselves to discover ways and means to manage the sweating problem. Social environments can be very challenging to people who have to deal with the unwanted and excess sweat daily. So it becomes imperative for everyone with the Hyperhidrosis medical condition to explore various tips to stop sweating.

Social encounters mean you always end up shaking your hands with people and be it in school, college, office, factory, bank, shopping mall, hospital or anywhere, you will have some need to handle papers with your hands. These are undoubtedly, embarrassing and daunting tasks to accomplish with wet hands, sweaty body and moist feet.

Lifestyle and Dietary Tips to Stop Sweating:

There are several things you can do on your own to minimize or stop sweating and body odour. The following suggestions can help you get started:

  1. Bathe daily. This will make you feel fresh and relaxed. It will also keep a check on the bacteria accumulation on your skin.
  2. Try holistic therapies. Relaxation techniques like Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Hypnosis, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and other holistic therapies will help you to learn and control stress induced perspiration.
  3. Change your diet. Sometimes certain foods do not agree with us and our bodies will react to them differently. It is possible that you might be consuming some food which is not suitable to you and consequently you might be sweating profusely. It could be an allergic reaction. Onions, Garlic, Spices and Caffeine are known to cause excess sweat. So it is advisable that you watch out on the dietary aspects as a preventive measure.
  4. Choose your clothes carefully. You should opt for Cotton and other fabrics which are used in athletic wear, that absorb moisture from your skin. Your skin needs to breathe, so linen, wool and silk clothing are good choices. It is better for you to wear layered clothing like undershirts. Opt for dark colors which will effectively camouflage the stains. During exercise, it is better if you wear high-tech fabrics which will keep your skin away from moisture.
  5. Apply antiperspirants nightly. You can apply antiperspirants at bedtime to sweaty palms or soles of your feet. Perfume-free antiperspirants are also available.
  6. Dry your feet properly after you bathe. This is important as it will not let Microorganisms to thrive on tour feet. You can also use OTC foot powders to absorb sweat.
  7. Take care while choosing shoes and socks. Ensure your shoes and socks are made of natural materials. Natural materials, like leather make it easy for your feet to breathe and can help you by preventing sweaty feet.
  8. Rotate your shoes. Sweaty feet and sweaty shoes stink badly. It is always better for you to have additional pairs of shoes so that you can rotate and use them. Sweaty shoes will not dry overnight so you will need another pair until it dries. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for two consecutive days.
  9. Wear correct socks. Socks made out of Cotton and wool, help by keeping your feet dry by absorbing moisture. Athletic socks which are moisture-wicking are a good choice during activities and exercise.
  10. Change your socks frequently. You must change your socks or hose once or preferably twice a day, drying your feet properly each time. Women are better off trying pantyhose which have cotton soles.
  11. Air your feet. Go barefoot whenever you can, or at least take your feet of your shoes periodically. Your feet need ventilation.
  12. Practice controlled breathing. This will help to reduce your heart rate. It will make your body healthy.
  13. Avoid staying/sitting in the same position for long periods. Move around a bit and flex yourself. Regular stretching is good for your body movements.
  14. Be careful while handling plastics, rubbers, gloves etc. These don’t allow sufficient ventilation and it’s better not to have prolonged skin contact with them.

It does not matter how severe or chronic your case is, the above mentioned tricks and tips to stop sweating will certainly help you manage your daily chores and enable you to progress and prosper in life without compromising. Try the tips and tricks today. They do work!

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14 practical tips to stop sweating
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14 practical tips to stop sweating
Check out these lifestyle and dietary tips to stop sweating. It is helping many people. It can help you too. Read on for full tips, tricks and advise.

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